G C - 1" 


How flexible is the batch recipe?

The Smart Batch Game Changer allows total user customization.  Enter any desired weight for any of the three ingredients.  The operator can also control the speed at which the ingredients are added, as well as the length of time the ingredients are mixed.  


How much sand does the sand bin hold?

51 cubic feet, or enough for approximately 7 batches.


How are new batch programs developed?

The touch screen PLC easily allows the user to create new recipes while in the field.


How many hours can the machine operate?

The fuel tank holds 60 gallons, or approximately 30 hours of operating endurance.


How much powder does the powder bin hold?  

46 cubic feet.  Depending on the bulk density of the product,  approximately 4,000-5,000 lb.


What happens if the computer stops working?

The machine is equipped with a backup mode that has a secondary readout on the weights in the hopper and levers on hydraulic valves for manual operation.  This manual mode allows you to finish a pour before returning the machine to the shop for qualified maintenance or troubleshooting.


How many people does it take to operate the machine?

A typical setting requires 2 people outside to operate and supply fresh ingredients to the hoppers, and 3 people inside the building to place and finish the cement.


Do I need to tow this machine with a CDL Class A driver?

In most cases, yes.  The machine weighs just over 13,900 lbs in a basic empty configuration with a tongue weight of 1,600 lb.


What type of pump is used and how is the speed controlled?

A progressive cavity (Rotor-Stator) pump is standard on the Game Changer and the speed can be easily varied by the touch screen PLC.


Can the Game Changer work on pre-sanded self leveling product.

Absolutely.  You get full reporting of how much water was used per bag so that you will never over water a product again.


How do I receive the data collected from a full day of production?  

The data is emailed by the Game Changer to a cloud based database.  The database archives the data for you and emails an auto-generated report to the list of address that you specify. 


Can I use the Game Changer with 80 lb bags or do I have to use super-sacks?

The system is designed to easily accommodate either packaging style. 


How large is the water tank, and how is the water delivered to the mixing chamber?

The 70 gallon water tank is equipped with a hydraulic water pump that automatically delivers the programmed quantity of water to the mixer on demand.


I am used to pouring a 4 bag mix with 80 lb bags.  How does this machine compare in batch size and output?

The Game Changer model is capable of efficiently mixing batch sizes totaling 1,200 lb, and can deliver a batch that is fully mixed in as little as 90 seconds.


I don’t like orange.  Can I order a custom paint color?


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