A perfect pour begins with a Smart Batch

Every ingredient measured  -  every second counted  -  each batch a smarter batch. 

"Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency"  Bill gates

The Smart Batch "GC-1"

Solving the industry's problems

Better process  -  More efficient than ever  -  BETTER RESULTS 

Our goal is to change the industry through technology and innovation.
“Perfect solution for gypsum floor underlayment and self leveling cement technologies.”
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Prepared for the 21st century.

Smart Batch was founded on the idea of better. That is why we engineered our solution with automated mixing and pumping. 

Data In your pocket 

All data recorded.

The Game Changer-1 delivers data to your fingertips. Stats from the day including all the details you want.


Touch Screen PLC

Manual override options. 

Easily programmable PLC controls the Game Changer in the field with touch screen navigation. 

“Drastic waste and dust reduction using

Smart Batch’s bulk handling processes"

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A unique value proposition

"Bags, 600 versus 16?"

The opening of a bag, large or small, is a dust event. The number of bags opened has a large impact on the total dust volume.
Our super sack solution reduces the number of dust events by over 97%, ultimately:

improving work environments  -  reducing overall waste  -  eliminating a risk for back injury.

We believe this is another compelling element of the Game changer system.